Friv Sonic Games Online

A little bit about Sonic's game plot. Crazy Hedgehog is the main character that you have to manage. The main task is to pass a certain level. On the way you will find all sorts of monsters and fairytale monsters, which you will have to kill or bypass. Your possible actions are: jump, kick, as well as super kick, which turns Sonic into a dangerous ball during the steep descent from the slide. This ability is one of the most spectacular and dangerous actions.

Sonic also has a sprinter mode, in which he can run very fast, but his strength is limited and can end. His game can be called the usual wanderer, but after playing for some time and passing a couple of levels, your opinion about the game will change for the better, because it is addictive and interesting. The main indicators of a good game in Sonic are as follows: time passed level, the site, the number of monsters killed and of course the number of collected coins.