Friv Ninja Games Online

Mysterious, insidious and invincible warriors with virtual possession of honed katana, smoke bombs or steel shuriken... Of course, we are talking about Ninjas, who for several centuries have been considered a real legend of Japanese martial arts. If you dream to be in the Land of the Rising Sun, to take part in a secret and deadly operation, to feel experienced and trained assassin, the Ninja games are invented especially for you!

Our selection of the most exciting and fascinating stories that will instantly take you to the world of medieval castles, noble samurai and ruthless synobi. You'll have to fight with swords, run through tangled labyrinths, ride motorcycles and even save a beautiful Japanese princess. We guarantee a lot of dizzying impressions and pumping the most necessary spy skills!

Games about Ninja - it's speed and endurance, courage and adrenaline, the most difficult tasks and a sea of pleasure from completed missions. Become a representative of a closed legendary clan and plunge into a world of incredible passions and toothpicking adventures!