Friv Mario Games Online

Mario Games is a legendary series of computer arcades, which users of several generations play with pleasure. Funny Italian plumber was born in 1981 and for many years now has been dashingly conquering the expanses of the Internet space.

Ask your daddy or big brother if he knows who Mario is and 99% of 100 that you will get an affirmative answer. The super hero of the Mushroom Kingdom deftly shoots off enemies, easily breaks brick blocks, lifts heavy loads and bravely rushes to the aid of the beautiful princess. He never sits still and constantly finds himself on dangerous and fascinating adventures. This is a real masterpiece in the development of computer fun, which to this day has no worthy competitors.

Playing Mario, you will be able to choose the category of games that will be especially appealing. It can be extreme racing on a tractor, a team football match, wandering around an old abandoned castle or flying with a cap propeller. Collect valuable bonuses, destroy ubiquitous monsters and do your best to win the heart of an impregnable beauty.