Friv Escape Games Online

Welcome to the realm of logic games. We are pleased to present the Escape section of the games. Here you will find a wide variety of games - from escape from a strange house to help little forest animals. Each of them has an interesting and exciting story. You can feel like a real detective, who has to solve the most dangerous mysteries of the world. But sometimes you will be given the role of an ardent defender of animals and the environment. These games will require a lot of logical thinking and wit from you.

In the game "Little Alice: Escape", you will help the little monkey to escape from his home prison and return to their fun games and leprosy. And here, say, the game "Escape from Home" will take you to an old mysterious haunted house. There, you can meet not only the ghosts themselves, but also a mysterious old sorceress, who with the help of potions and a few spells will destroy troubled spirits. In short, the games are waiting for you a variety. A mass of puzzles and stashes will excite your brain and make you happy when another tricky puzzle falls before your mind. Stay with us!