Friv Elsa Games Online

A fairy tale in which many magical events and adventures is the Cold Heart. Did you hear that the whole world was covered in snow and the eternal winter came? Two princesses lived in the same country, the elder Anna and the younger Elsa. Ever since they were children, they loved winter, playing snowball and making a snowman named Olaf. But Anna had very strong and magical powers, with which she could make winter, ice and cold, and was not able to control them. So her parents hid Anna from the world to avoid many accidents. But the adventure had just begun when Anna made winter and ran away from the castle, and Elsa decided to find her sister. So that you could help the princesses too, the Cold Heart Games were created.

In them you can play snowball with Olaf, run with mountaineer Christophe and his deer Sven, roam mountains with the prince, look for stars and learn to type letters. You will also help Elsa to save Anna, melt all the ice with their love and save the world from winter. Cold Heart is a game that you need to play, it will be a fun journey and you need to start it right now.