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Friv Dress Up Games Online

Dress Up Games is a great opportunity to try on delightful ball gowns, think over an outfit for an upcoming wedding or party and feel like a famous fashion designer, to which lined up stars of first magnitude. Choose this category on our website and surprise others with an excellent sense of style and knowledge of world fashion trends.

Games for girls dress up will teach you to combine beautiful clothes with bright accessories, hair and makeup. As your ward will act heroines of your favorite cartoons, popular singers, magic fairies and ordinary girls, including snowboarders, swimmers and stewardesses. Here you will have to choose outfits for solemn occasions, national holidays, touching dates and fashion shows, and make every effort to make your model look spectacular and stunning.

These games will allow you to develop an exceptional taste, get acquainted with the history of fashion, learn about the origin of folk costumes and learn how to competently combine wardrobe items. From a young age, your young princess will develop her creative potential and will be happy to put this knowledge into practice.