Friv Dog Games Online

The dog games will appeal to anyone who loves pets. And don't even think that virtual dogs are anything worse than real pets! Not at all! They are as loyal, caring, playful and naughty as real puppies. Of course, they can't be walked and really trained, but maybe that's for the best. After all, a real dog is a huge responsibility that can only be taken on after special "training". So, let's start learning!

Dog games are the whole spectrum of pet care. First for the puppy, and then for the adult dog. What do you have to do? Feed, drink, take your dog to the vet, play and train your chosen pet. You shouldn't forget about him for too long - otherwise he'll get bored and sick, and then you'll have to treat and nurse him.

The choice of games with dogs is very large. The main of them - pet care, but there are adventures with funny puppies from popular cartoons - Dalmatians, rescuers from "Puppy Patrol" and other funny dogs!