Friv Defense Games Online

Defence games are based mainly on the well-known game genre "tower defense", where the player has to defend his base, territory, path or track from multiple waves of attacking enemies. In these online games, "Defense" your mission is simple: do not let the enemy in. It may be a simple task, but it can cost you blood, if you play not very smart. The enemy forces do not respect your borders and they go straight to your land to try to conquer it. Reinforce your position behind the wall and adjust your defense to destroy them before they reach your gate! It will take resources, hard work and a thoughtful strategy!

Prepare for almost endless onslaught by enemy soldiers, formidable enemies, monsters and mysterious creatures who will try to break through your defence. We have "tower defense" games in every genre! No matter what style you choose, we promise it will be hot! So make your battle plans, come up with your defense strategy and collect your troops. Will you be able to defend your kingdom? Let's have a look!